New paths and perspectives of the new space economy in Fiera Roma

The second day of New Space Economy Expoforum has seen the visit of Lorenzo Fioramonti, Minister of Education, University and Research, who made the tour of the exhibition area, greeting all exhibitors and concluding his visit at the stand of ASI, the Italian Space Agency, and Samantha Cristoforetti.
The themes of the third and last day of New Space Economy European Expoforum are focused on the topics of New Financing and New Services for the Space Sector.
A keynote Roberto Baldoni, Director DIS opens at 10.00 in Plenary Flavia Hall will introduce “NEW FINANCES & NEW SERVICES”. A panel on Cybersecurity and its connections to space economy, will be moderated by Claudia Di Giorgio. Innocenzo Cipolletta, President of AIFI, will introduce the topic “New Finance (Government)” in Giulia Hall at 10.35.
Opportunities in New Space Services” is the theme presented in Iustina Hall at 10.35 by Professor Alessandro Golkar from Stoltech.
The program continues in Pavilion 10 with state-of-the-art discussions on strategic and innovative themes for the industry: “How corporate venture capital could boost the New Space Economy” with keynote of George Coelho, Managing Director of Good Energies, while Jeff Manber, CEO of Nanoracks will illustrate “The International Rewards and Challenges of Commercial Space”, respectively in Giulia and Iustina Hall at 11.00.
A special session on NEW MOON will take place in Plenary Flavia Hall from 14.00 through 16.00, moderated by Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut to travel in Space. The Startup Competition will begin at 12.00 in Giulia Hall.
The program of the day includes a side event, “Give Space to intangible assets” a session presented by ASI and UIBM, to illustrate the best practices in the fields of management and protection of the development potential of the space ecosystem, as well to encourage the use of industrial property as a tool to stimulate innovation. Patents are the instruments to promote and guarantee competitiveness on global markets. The event is scheduled from 10.00 to 13.30 in Pavilion 10, Aurelia Hall.
Today the program includes the MECSPE workshop. This side event, “New services for traditional business processes: precision farming and autonomous ships” organized by SENAF starts at 15.00 until 17.00 in Aurelia Hall, Pav. 10.
From 12.05 to 13.00, in Giulia Hall, the startup best pitch competition will take place; the winner will be awarded with a prize of 5,000 euro. The competition is sponsored by LIFTT, a company operating in the field of knowledge commercialization. The next edition of New Space Economy European Expoforum will take place from December 9 through 11, 2020.

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