Press Conference – Sustainability as the Game Changer… Aiming high!

Launching the 4th edition of the New Space Economy European Expoforum at IAC 2022!

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NSE, the New Space Economy Expoforum, is the yearly date on the economic impacts of the space sector, on what drives the quick running evolution of the institutional and private involvement in the New Space.

NSE offers a quick view on the increasing potential of the space sector to the widest community of users and on new potential stakeholders and business opportunities at national and international level.

NSE networks big industrial players, small and medium innovative companies, investors, venturers, startups, research centers, academia, space agencies, institutions and international organizations.

NSE 2022 benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to provide space solutions for non-space users in building a sustainable society and inspire next generations.

What’s on stage at NSE?

– Scientific Conference
– Startup Competition
– Student Challenge
– Thematic Events
– Exhibition
– B2B and B2G
– Networking Programs
– And much more

Already on board with us:

NSE 2022 will focus on Sustainability as the Game Changer of the New Space Economy with 4 topics

The Players




Space Agencies

International Organizations



Research Centers



Trade Associations

Technological Clusters

Venture Capital Funds

Business Angels

NSE in numbers



Editions (2 digital)










B2B Meetings



Exhibitions at NSE

STEM 4 Future

STEM 4 Future is an educational project realized thanks to the long-term support of Boeing Italia and the collaboration with the Politecnico di Bari, Università Luigi Bocconi di Milano, Università Federico II di Napoli and the Università degli studi di Siena.

The initiative

The initiative involves students of high schools with the purpose of stimulating the interest of new generations in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), the so-called subjects of the future.
From this year to enhance even more the educational offer we inserted the A of “art” to create correlation between the scientific and humanistics subjects.

The project offers an excellent opportunity to combine the P.C.T.O. (Pathways for Transversal Competences and Orientation) with the orientation to university education and the work world. In doing so, priority is given to the horizontal dimension of the sharing of knowledge and experience between peers (peer education). In closing, the project includes a focus on the promotion of equal opportunities through a path aimed at stimulating the inclusion of women (diversity & inclusion) in the world of STEM.

Educational robotic laboratory for the scientific method

Scientific and technological knowledge is one of the 8 key competences required for the school by the European Union. Learning the basics of the scientific method through observing and analyzing the behaviors of a robot is a fun and educational way to introduce these topics to all ages.

The laboratory proposed by ScuolAttiva Onlus uses a small educational robot equipped with 6 pre-programmed behaviors. The robot allows visitors to interact in a serious game identifying the specifics of each behavior and which sensors and actuators are used each time, testing their skills of observation, experimentation and scientific analysis.

Space for Our Planet

Space for Our Planet

“Space for Our Planet” is a touring exhibition aiming to show the crucial role of space technologies and applications to build a sustainable planet. The project looks at the integral role that Space has to play in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. To this end, 35 people have been interviewed – from fishermen to astronauts, from students to climate experts – to examine how space technologies contribute to the attainment of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Fiorella Coliolo, Astronomer;
and Benoit Delplanque, Director of Production, Timkat company

Partners: Developed under the patronage of UNOOSA, with the contribution of: ESA, European Commission, DLR, CNES, NEREUS, ASI, Portugal Space, International Astronautical Union (IAU) and the Canadian NGO “G.I.V.E”.


SGAC – NewSpace Economy 2022 Scholarship

NewSpace Economy (NSE) and SGAC are joining forces to offer up to 5 young professionals the opportunity to attend and be one of the main actors of the NewSpace Economy European Expoforum 2022 conference during 1-3 December in Fiera di Roma, Italy!

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