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NewSpace Economy (NSE) and SGAC are joining forces to offer up to 5 young professionals the opportunity to attend and be one of the main actors of the NewSpace Economy European Expoforum 2022 conference during 1-3 December in Fiera di Roma, Italy!

Nisanur Eker

Aspiring engineer
NewSpace company DcubeD
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Nisanur Eker is an aspiring engineer for the NewSpace company DcubeD and a student pursuing her master’s degree in Aerospace at Technical University of Munich. Born and raised in Turkey, she moved to Germany to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. During her studies, she led two subsystems within her university’s student satellite project. She was responsible for structure, assembly, integration & testing of the 6U CubeSat and she increased the public visibility of the project as the Head of Public Relations. She was part of two stratospheric balloon flights testing the systems of the satellite and acquiring knowledge of the near-space conditions and its effects to educate fellow students. Nowadays, she helps satellites unleash their full potential by enabling deployables and more at DcubeD. Nisanur’s contributions to space was recognised with the Emerging Space Leaders Grant by International Astronautical Federation in 2022.

Lara Zanoni

Marketing Manager
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Lara Zanoni is Marketing Manager at AstroAgency – global leader in space-focused strategic communications and market intelligence. Lara works with both government and commercial organisations to bring their marketing vision and narratives to life, through the coordination of marketing analysis, branding activities, public relations, event management and digital marketing. With a background in Business and Economics, she holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations from Leeds University Business School, where she has been awarded the Outstanding Academic Performance Prize for her cohort. Before joining AstroAgency, Lara held marketing roles across Europe, with experience working in Munich and in Milan. Member of the Space Generation Advisory Council since 2020, she has also recently joined the External Relations Team of SEDS Italy, to support promoting the space sector and its benefits to the general public and students of her home country.

Fiorella Arias

Biotechnology Engineering student
Space Biology and Science Diplomacy
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Fiorella Arias is a Biotechnology Engineering student pursuing a career in Space Biology and Science Diplomacy. She was named by the Allbiotech organization as Latin American Leader in Biotechnology 2021; and as Emerging Space Leader 2021 by the International Astronautical Federation. She is co-founder of Orbital Space Technologies, the first Central American company to provide aerospace mission-driven consulting, currently working on their first mission related to fungi dual culturing under microgravity conditions, remarked as the 2nd Costa Rican Space Mission, Phase 1 to be launched in Nov 2022. Also, she is part of the MUSA Project, winner of ICECubes category: First Place and the International Academy of Astronautics Award at the Tokyo 2019 Mission Idea Contest hosted by UNISEC. In addition, Fiorella is a recognized young activist for political activism such as fighting against gender political violence and humanizing politics for actual change. She has served as Head of Office for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica. Fiorella is currently working on the construction of the Costa Rica National Bioeconomy Law as an advisor to the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.

Bethelhem Girma

Co-founder and CEO
Afrobots Engineering PLC
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Bethelhem Girma is a Co-founder and CEO at Afrobots Engineering PLC, a startup aimed at providing robotic solutions for African industries. Previously, Bethelhem worked as an Assistant Researcher at the Space Science and Geospatial Institute, formerly known as the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute. With over two years of experience in aerospace vehicle design and development, Bethelhem has gained a deep understanding of the need for aerospace technology in the horn of Africa. Bethlehem holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She aspires to become a space tech entrepreneur and make a positive impact on the youth in Africa.

Filippo Oggionni

Co-founder and CCO
Revolv Space
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Filippo Oggionni is co-founder and CCO of Revolv Space, a space tech startup aiming to enable continuous operations for small satellites. Filippo was born and raised in Bergamo (Italy). After spending one year in the US for an academic exchange, he has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He then moved to the Netherlands to continue his studies in Space Flight at Delft University of Technology, where he wrote his MSc thesis about the trajectory design of a space-based geoengineering mission. There, he was also working part-time to develop the TU Delft Astrodynamics Toolbox (Tudat). Besides his studies, Filippo has gained experience in remote sensing and Earth Observation thanks to an internship at the Netherlands Institute for Space Research, where he worked on the monitoring of TROPOMI (Sentinel 5-P). In addition, he has conducted an internship at the Observatory of Paris about the analysis of solar events, where he focused on the relationship between solar geomagnetic activity and the thermospheric density in Low Earth Orbit. For Revolv, Filippo takes care of the commercialization of the products and the validation of the value proposition. He is also responsible for partnerships and marketing activities. Privately, Filippo is a passionate volleyball player, cyclist, and climber.

Space Awards ceremony with announcement of the winners of Copernicus Masters 2022

The Copernicus Masters is the global innovation competition at the forefront of Earth observation (EO) data utilization. It awards innovators fostering new solutions and concepts that showcase the benefits of the European Copernicus services to our everyday life.

STEM 4 Future

STEM 4 Future is an educational project realized thanks to the long-term support of Boeing Italia and the collaboration with the Politecnico di Bari, Università Luigi Bocconi di Milano, Università Federico II di Napoli and the Università degli studi di Siena.
The initiative

The initiative involves students of high schools with the purpose of stimulating the interest of new generations in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), the so-called subjects of the future.
From this year to enhance even more the educational offer we inserted the A of “art” to create correlation between the scientific and humanistics subjects.

The project offers an excellent opportunity to combine the P.C.T.O. (Pathways for Transversal Competences and Orientation) with the orientation to university education and the work world. In doing so, priority is given to the horizontal dimension of the sharing of knowledge and experience between peers (peer education). In closing, the project includes a focus on the promotion of equal opportunities through a path aimed at stimulating the inclusion of women (diversity & inclusion) in the world of STEM.

Educational robotic laboratory for the scientific method

Scientific and technological knowledge is one of the 8 key competences required for the school by the European Union. Learning the basics of the scientific method through observing and analyzing the behaviors of a robot is a fun and educational way to introduce these topics to all ages.

The laboratory proposed by ScuolAttiva Onlus uses a small educational robot equipped with 6 pre-programmed behaviors. The robot allows visitors to interact in a serious game identifying the specifics of each behavior and which sensors and actuators are used each time, testing their skills of observation, experimentation and scientific analysis.

Connecting Space Business Pioneers

We boost innovation and accelerate business partnership. CASSINI Matchmaking connects startups, scaleups and SMEs with corporates and investors. Join us at NSE and connect you to space business pioneers, listen to inspiring pitches and enlarge your network. Join now and register for 2 December to make your stellar matches.

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