Lazio Region points towards Space: agreement with Thales Alenia Space

“Open Innovation Challenge” is the program organized by Lazio Innova, it will focus on technology transfer for the development of innovative startups and SMEs within the regional Space Economy. The main purpose is to strengthen the economic growth and local innovation and exploit the skills and research capabilities present in the Lazio ecosystem.

In this context, Thales Alenia Space has announced its collaboration with Lazio Innova on Open innovation projects. As one of the leaders of the Italian space industry, Thales Alenia Space places innovation in the core of its digital transformation strategy and Industry 4.0 approach in the space sector. In fact, TASI will provide its technical expertise and its Manufacturing Laboratories – called FabLab: digital incubators, located in France (Toulouse, Cannes) and Italy (Rome), to encourage creativity and innovation of all employees through the simulation and the prototyping both in hardware and software. Active since 2018, the Roman FabLab is organized in 4 areas – Brainstorming, Fabrication, Augmented Reality and Digital Development – and is mainly a place of sharing and exchange of talents, knowledge and projects. The selected startups are part of the ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Lazio, operating in the technological domains of Navigation, Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, UAV/drones, IoT.

In particular, the aerospace sector is becoming a clear example of excellence that makes the regional economy stronger and more competitive with its technologies and resources, and represents a great opportunity to design innovative solutions to the needs of the market and society. Also in the Lazio region, Fondazione E. Amaldi is part of the ESA Space Solutions network, the largest in Europe, including incubators, companies, investors and research centers dedicated to innovation in the space sector.

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