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Dear Space Friend! By all evidence, the NEW SPACE ECONOMY is steadily growing, both in absolute economic terms as well along an outstanding breath of directions. SPACE is indeed becoming more and more synonymous of ECONOMY; the real economy is mature for new applications and very much ‘open-to’ and ‘driven-by’ space-derived technologies.

The so-called NEW SPACE ECONOMY shapes the global market as an ecosystem where Governments and Space Agencies coexist, private sector has a new role and newcomers (i.e. states and investors) bring novelty on business models and challenges. If United States paved the way to privatize space business, opening doors to large non-space investors, Europe supported more the reinforcement of its ecosystem characterized by big industrial players surrounded by a large number of innovative and dynamic SMEs.

In addition there is in Europe a lot of hidden and unexpressed potentialities both in research centers and in enterprises keeping ‘untold’ innovations far from potentially disruptive applications. There is therefore the opportunity for creating an European environment where the New Space Economy & Old Economy players can meet and spur the new ecosystem potentialities.
It seems a really good opportunity to start an International Trade Expo built on the New Space Economy that will act as a platform for all stakeholders and ecosystem elements: Large Companies, Agencies, Governments, International Buyers, Investors, Venture Capital and Risk Finance, Innovative SMEs from non-Space sectors, Start-ups and Incubators, Research Centers and Universities.

Italy is on the European front line of the transformation of the space sector, considering that its Space GDP is growing faster than any other industrial sector and that SMEs represent the backbone of its economy.
Innovative policies to stimulate the space sector (e.g. I4.0, Space Economy Plan), an end to end industrial chain, ten world-class research agencies and universities with 3000+ researchers involved in the aerospace domain, make Italy a good example of the European way of designing the new space economy. In addition the collaboration between Fiera di Roma and Space Foundation, the organizer of the successful serie of Colorado Springs Space Symposia, is providing a sound heritage towards a great space event in Rome.

I sincerely hope that the most relevant players will contribute to the NSE ExpoForum which will help diffusing through Europe the culture and the opportunity of the New Space Economy. See you on December 10th-12th 2019 in Rome!”

Roberto Battiston
NSE Scientific Committee

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