NSE, the New Space Economy Expoforum, is the yearly date on the economic impacts of the space sector, on what drives the quick running evolution of the institutional and private involvement in the New Space.

NSE offers a quick view on the increasing potential of the space sector to the widest community of users and on new potential stakeholders and business opportunities at national and international level.

NSE networks big industrial players, small and medium innovative companies, investors, venturers, startups, research centers, academia, space agencies, institutions and international organizations.

NSE 2022 benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to provide space solutions for non-space users in building a sustainable society and inspire next generations.

What’s on stage?

– Scientific Conference
– Pitch Competition
– Student Challenge
– Thematic Events
– Exhibition
– B2B and B2G
– Networking Programs
– And much more

NSE 2022 will focus on Sustainability as the Game Changer of the New Space Economy with 4 topics

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