Submit a proposal and become a Presenter !

Submit a proposal and become a presenter during NSE – New Space Economy Expoforum, in Rome.

Become a Presenter

NSE European Expoforum will be a reference point for companies that operates in the Space sector, but also and above all for all those companies that orbit the New Space market: Universities, SMEs, Research Centers, innovative companies. To achieve this goal we considered it appropriate, as well as fair, to give everyone the opportunity to talk about their projects, their ideas, their research. Thus was born the Call for Papers, an activity that aims to bring together all those who want to present their presence and to facilitate a deepen conversation about New space Market.

Submit a Proposal

If you would like to present, start by submitting a proposal to the following LINK

Get Accepted

Once filled and sent the form you will receive a confirmation email. After we receive your presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation step by the Scientific Committee.


Once your proposal is accepted, you will receive an informative email about the Poster Session where the abstract will be exposed with the opportunity to present it during the event.

Important Rules

The deadline for submission of the proposals has been extended until Friday November 8th via online form. All projects will be submitted in English and the abstract should be limited to 300 words.

For any information or question write to Don’t forgot to submit your proposal!