Welcome to NSE 2022


Maria Cristina Falvella

Maria Cristina Falvella

FEA President

I am very glad, on behalf of the E. Amaldi Foundation and Fiera Roma, to welcome you to the fourth edition of the New Space Economy European Expoforum (NSE). NSE offers a yearly outlook on the most interesting trends of the evolution of the Space sector and gathers visitors, participants, public and private stakeholders and international organizations in a global dynamic format which brings Space down to Earth as an enabling tool for everyday life.

New space economy represents a radical change of paradigm that transforms Space into the most complete sector in service of society while also acting as a driver for innovation, training and new qualified areas of work. It involves a transversal evolution of all the traditional productive segments functional to the great global challenges.

In particular, NSE 2022 will tackle Sustainability with a rich programme of plenaries, highlight lectures, workshops, interactive exhibitions, challenges and awards. In the space sector the future is today, let’s meet @NSE2022!

Rodolfo Guzzi

Rodolfo Guzzi

Chair of NSE Conference

The need to learn more about Earth’s resources, the mechanisms that regulate its life and the consequent need to protect it, have accelerated the development of technologies for Space with a socio-economic impact on our daily life. At the same time, we realised that the exploitation of decades of investments in the Space sector is the most effective tool to achieve the new Sustainability targets and to support the economy of the next decade which could even be driven by such a global societal challenge.

The New Space Economy European Expoforum 2022 aims to discuss Sustainability as the game changer of the quick running evolution of the institutional and private involvement in the New Space and its future developments by introducing new potential stakeholders and initiatives.

The scientific program will focus on The Changing Earth, Space Pollution, Human Health and Innovative Space Ventures which contribute to a smart growth of our Society.

Join us in Rome from the 1st to the 3rd of December and grab the opportunity to be part of the New Space, the biggest cultural change of our century!

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