To the moon and back!

Join Michelle L.D. Hanlon, co-founder of For all Moonkind during the special session New Moon, December 12th starting from 14.00 to 16.00, Pavillon 10 Flavia Hall. The space lawyer Mrs. Hanlon will discuss during NSE European Expoforum the exceptional value for humanity of lunar landing sites and the crucial preservation efforts on the Moon for posterity as part of our common human heritage.

Interesting facts about Michelle L.D.Hanlon:

1) Michelle Hanlon is the Co-Founder and President of For All Moonkind, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that is the only organization in the world focused on protecting human cultural heritage in outer space.

2) She is also is an Associate Director of the Air and Space Law Program at the University of Mississippi School of Law and its Center for Air and Space Law.

3) Michelle chairs the International Committee of the National Space Society and serves as the Co-Chair of the Cultural Considerations Working Group of the Moon Village Association.

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