The Italian space industry : yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Italian industry in the space sector published by the Ministry of Economic Development, has the aim to define the Space Economy and the Italian capabilities in the sector, and how it has become increasingly central in the industrial policies around the world: starting from the European one. It is a publication that stems from a deep conviction: more information about which are the companies and which are the capabilities of Italian territories. Italy is the third nation in the world to have launched a satellite into orbit and today is one of the few nations to have expertise on the entire industrial chain from launchers to satellites to technologies to use data through applications for industry, agriculture, public administration, society.

Today space technologies not only guide us to discover the mysteries of the universe, but also help us in the development of agriculture 4.0, in monitoring for environmental protection, in the prevention and management of emergencies, in air and car traffic control and in the management of a pandemic.

It is from the space data that we can procure a certain and accurate positioning, track shipments, follow a train or monitor the sea; it is the data from the constellations of satellites such as Copernicus that tell us the level of pollution in every part of the world, monitor the movements of people, observe the flow of goods, and help to safeguard the planet.

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