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An opportunity to meet and exchange views

Organized in collaboration with Space Foundation, NSE Expo Forum will create an opportunity to meet and exchange views among existing and new industrial players, small and medium innovative companies, investors, venturers, startuppers, research centers, space agencies and institutions with interests in space.

I sincerely hope that the most relevant players will contribute to the NSE ExpoForum which will help diffusing through Europe the culture and the opportunity of the New Space Economy.

— Roberto Battiston
Chair of the Scientific Committee, Fondazione E. Amaldi

New role of the private sector,
a new space race

Sectors covered will include all field moving quickly towards Space Economy as: bio-sciences, TLC, logistics, transportation, environ-mental sustainability, design creativity, tourism, exploration, planetary exploitation.

Space sector has huge opportunities for entre-preneurs and investors, there is an hidden poten-tial and innovation in public and private research centres, universities and SMEs.

The Players

— SMEs
— Investors
— Trade Associations
— Stakeholders
— Startups
— Incubators
— Venture Capital
— Universities
— Research Centers
— Space Agencies
— Institutions



Fondazione Amaldi was founded in 2017 by Italian Space Agency and Consorzio di Ricerca Hypatia. Since then it promotes and supports scientfic research aimed at technological transfer, starting from the space sector.
In order to develop and offer to the community scientic research results, Fondazione Amaldi uses the “open innovation” approach, which creates synergies between researchers coming from different backgrounds and speeds up the acquisition of new technologies by reducing research and development costs.

Fiera Roma organizes professional events supporting international associations and together with operators and organizers. A substantial part of events are organized directly and brand-owned by Fiera Roma, which may grant strong and reliable partnerships with consolidated experience in order to allow the due success to the event. Hospitality, transfers, event facilities, technological assistance, professional roles, relations on national and international basis, all added to the extreme versatility of the structures make Fiera Roma the ideal place for national and international professional meetings and business liaisons.

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