Yossi Yamin

Space Pharma

Mr. Yossi Yamin – is a New-Space entrepreneur and the founder of SpacePharma SA, serves as Acting Chairman of the BOD and as the CEO of SpacePharma R&D.
Yossi graduated for Bs.C of Business Management from UOP, San Diego, CA, USA.
In addition, accomplished the highest Directorate program studies of Recannati from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

For the first 5 years of new entity establishment Yossi had secured more than $10Mio USD and scored as Top New Space leader by more than 18 ,000 voters by NewSpace People for 2017. Yossi has been recognized as the founder of most innovative company by CB Insight (2015), Fast Company No.2 nest to SpaceX (2018, 2019), Red Herring Top100 north America (2019) and won many innovation prizes such as Paris Space Week – 2017, China – 2018, Ayn Rand – MedTech 2018 and Switzerland Champions for Top Innovation (2020-2021) for SIQT-Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (chemistry) and many more.
SpacePharma produces miniaturized laboratories designed for performing complex biological and chemical experiments in the microgravity environment of space. The laboratory is a breakthrough in terms of research capabilities in the microgravity domain of new space. SpacePharma is active in outer space since February 15, 2017 operating DIDO-2. Another DIDO-3 was launched to orbit on Sep. 2020 all experiments are successfully accomplished while no astronaut involved.

Mr. Yamin gained more than 30 years of experience with large scale development projects across the United States, Israel and Canada. In addition, he had the opportunity to commanded hundreds of subordinates in an extreme service conditions at the Israeli Intelligence Corp, (ranked as a former Ltc.). During that career path Mr. Yamin commanded the Israeli Satellite Unit, managed 8 successful launches and participated in the plans for future satellite generations. In this position he had overall responsibility for the ground-station readiness and for Israel’s entire satellite remote sensing operations from end-to-end.

Speaking on

December 11

Workshop: New Space and Health & New Space and Industry (in space and on ground)
3.05 – 6.00 PM

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