Pietro Faccioli

Ph.D. in theoretical subatomic physics

Prof. Pietro Faccioli earned his Ph.D. in theoretical subatomic physics from SUNY at Stony Brook (USA), in 2002. He was a post-doc at the European Centre for Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, before joining the Physics Department of Trento University (Italy), in 2005.
In the last 15 years, his main research activity has focused on developing cross-disciplinary applications of theoretical physics to research fields at the interface between physics, chemistry, and molecular biology, with  60+ publications in international scientific journals. In particular, the development of an advanced algorithm for molecular simulations led him to co-invent a new paradigm for computer-based drug discovery.  This new technology is now being used and further developed by Sibylla Biotech SRL, a research spinoff of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics and of the Universities of Trento and Perugia. 

Speaking on

December 11
Webinar Session

Workshop: New Space and Health & New Space and Industry (in space and on ground)
3.05 – 6.00 PM

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