Pieter Deleye

Business Development Manager Open Innovation

Pieter Deleye is currently the Business Development manager of Space Solutions Belgium supporting Old Space, New Space companies in their market and finding touch points through (open innovation) projects with terrestrial industries for funding & product and service development.
As such, he has collaborated on multiple ESA proposals for upstream space component development, Automation & AI integration in Old Space production &/ quality process. As well as H2020 proposals & projects for innovative methods to develop more downstream space applications (Galileo, Copernicus) startups & support in their go-to-market with broader market awareness of space infrastructure.
Underpinned with a Master’s degree in Business Engineering, combining a business degree with civil engineering, from the University of Antwerp he is able to make links between high-tech technologies and new applications along with a business perspective. His master thesis contained his interest in space where he analyzed the potential commercialization of space research infrastructure (Research infrastructure in Belgium, space analogues, sub-orbital rockets, in-orbit facilities) of Belgium.

Speaking on

December 11
Webinar Session

Workshop: New Space and Health & New Space and Industry (in space and on ground)
3.05 – 6.00 PM

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