Jose Salgado

Canadian Chamber in Italy

Jose Salgado is the president of the Canadian Chamber in Italy, a Chamber 2.0 based in Rome that focuses on innovation and new technologies, fostering cross-sector collaboration in four main areas: Space, ICT, Agrifood, and Green Economy.

He is also a columnist for COSMO magazine, Business Insider Mexico, and SpaceWatch.Global, where he writes about the new market trends in the space sector. Besides, he is a consultant for space agencies, governments, and private companies interested in identifying the commercial feasability of missions, products, and services.

One of his main expertise is related to the commercialization of the space sector, especially how to use space-based solutions to terrestrial non-space well-established industries, thus creating new markets.

Speaking on

December 11
Side Webinar

Workshop: Space Markets Panel
3.00 – 5.00 PM

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