Giuseppe Borghi

Head of the ESA Φ-lab

Giuseppe Borghi is the Head of the ESA Φ-lab: Accelerating the future of Earth Observation since June 2020. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and Master in Executive General Management.

After some years of AI research activities, he joined the European Space industry to which he contributed for over 20 years in various executive roles as Vice President of Strategy, BD and Sales @ Teledyne e2v (UK-USA), Programme Director @ OHB (I), BU Manager @ Media Lario Technology (I), AIPAS(I) Board Member, Research Programme Manager TNO (NL).

He has collaborated with several primes and major agencies worldwide to develop the Space Industry through technology and business model transformational innovation as the catalyst for success.

Speaking on

December 11

Workshop: New Space and Our Planet: climate, agriculture and food
3.05 – 7.10 PM


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