Gianluca Dettori

Founder and Chairman of Primomiglio SGR
General Partner of Barcamper Ventures

Gianluca Dettori is founder and chairman of Primomiglio SGR, investment company authorized by Bank of Italy operating in early stage venture capital. Primomiglio SGR has launched Barcamper Ventures technology venture fund and Primo Space that invests in new space economy.

In 2006 founded dpixel, technology venture capital advisory firm that develops advisory and consulting project in the area of startups collaborating with partners such as ERG, QVC, Cisco, Microsoft, Fondazione Cariplo, Aster (Regione Emilia Romagna), StartCup Calabria, StartCup Basilicata, Cipnes (Consorzio Industriale Olbia), Rome Chamber of Commerce, Maker Faire, City of Napoli, IWBank, Banca Sella.

Started to operate as angel investor in 2003, funded and co-founded several startups (im3D, Sitonline, Urbissimo, Banzai, Liquida) and late ras founder of dpixel. As investor is active with over twenty investments in the Internet and software sectors among which Sardex, Kiver, Seolab, Mangatar, SmartRM, Vivaticket, Eco4Could, Viamente, Ciceroos, Cortilia, Iubenda, Mapendo.

Graduated in business at the University of Torino, Gianluca, class 1967, works in the Internet sector since 1994 and in the startup and venture fiels since 1998. He is the founder of IAB Italy (Internet Advertising Bureau), Techgarage Association and Fullbright mentor. Gianluca is Fellow of the Kauffman Society and the BMW Stiftung Foundation.

Gianluca is advisor of the European Committion in the Future Internet Accelerators project.

Speaking on

December 12

Workshop: New Space and Economy
9.00 – 12.00 AM

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