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Alberto Tuozzi


Space Economy is one of the most promising sectors for socio-economic development at a global level over the next few decades,” says Alberto Tuozzi, President of Fondazione E. Amaldi. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, the Space Economy will turn over a trillion dollars in the next decade. In an increasingly global and competitive market, it is fundamental for Italy to invest in innovation, technology and sustainability to maintain a leading role. In line with Fondazione E. Amaldi’s vision, NSE 2022 offers an international platform to favour cooperation between players in the Space and non Space industry, both public and private, to promote space services for the benefit of citizens and to stimulate the creativity of young generations.

Fabio Casasoli

CEO and Managing Director
Fiera Roma

Welcome to the fourth edition of New Space Economy Expoforum, the event organized by Fiera Roma and Fondazione E. Amaldi, dedicated to the New Space Economy. This is finally in presence after two years of virtual celebration due to the pandemic.
Fiera Roma strongly believes in the event and strongly invested in this project, designed to support Italian and Lazio excellence in the sector of the new space economy.
Italy is one of the few countries in the world that owns the entire supply chain leading to space, with its own ability to develop satellites, bring them into orbit and manage all related services, distinguishing itself for quality, precision and innovation.
We are second in the world for research and development, fourth for exports, fifth for patents filed, seventh for public spending budget in relation to GDP. We boast over 280 ultra-specialized small and new businesses. Lazio Region proves to be the excellence within excellence, with its hosting large and small companies, study centers and world-renowned researchers. It is no coincidence that Colleferro, a Lazio city, was chosen as European Space Capital of 2022. With this event, Fiera Roma wants to create a networking moment for the main global players in the sector and an international showcase for the best our country represents for the sector. helping to activate the lever of internationalization with ever greater force.

Giorgio Saccoccia


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