MECSPE’s workshop goes on with a new stage during New Space Economy European Expoforum

The side event “New services for traditional business process: the precision farming case” organized by Senaf will be held December 12th from h 2.00 pm to h 4.30 pm, Pavillon 10 Aurelia Hall. The discussion will focus on the digital economy understood as a platform economy: the creation of new value takes place through the simultaneous circulation of data and information that in previous economies crossed physical processes along a stable and sequential value chains. The panel of companies involved therefore intends to evaluate how digital technologies have reached an industrial maturity such as to be able to integrate, within traditional business processes, sources of information up to now considered as exogenous or usable for strategical and not operative decisions for short term events, and how the data coming from space observations can already generate new value in two sectors such as precision farming and which other sectors can be reached soon. Among the speakers invited to participate, the representatives of AIAD, CINECA, Legacoop, TopCon Agriculture, moderated by Giuseppe Padula, Magazine Technical Director “Industrie 4.0“. The meeting will be integrated by the presentation of the MECSPE Observatory, which will offer a cross-section of SMEs in the Italian manufacturing industry.

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