Fiera Roma and Amaldi Foundation for NSE European Expoforum

NSE European Expoforum is an event organized and designed by Fiera Roma and Amaldi Foundation(F.E.A), let’s take a look about Amaldi Foundation reality!

Edoardo Amaldi Foundation (F.E.A.) was founded in 2017 by ASI – Italian Space Agency and the research consortium Hypatia with the mission of promoting and supporting scientific research, with aim to transfer technologies from where news ideas start to where new product and services are creating business. F.E.A. starts from the aerospace sector as a fundamental tool for the country economic growth and as an innovation source for the improvement of competitiveness, productivity and employment.

The reference model that F.E.A took inspiration from is the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, an absolute excellence in technology transfer and applied research. Similarly to the Fraunhofer Institute, the Foundation involves private and public stakeholders developing models of public-private participation which may be applied to districts other than the aerospace sector. FEA aims to develop and share the results of applied research, performed by private and public stakeholders as well as to perform internal research. This approach, commonly called “open innovation”, on one side is important to speed up the acquisition of innovation from SME mixing in the same environment researchers from different fields, on the other hand it reduce R&D costs.

Amaldi Foundation main activities:

  • discover and network national technologic excellences, private or public to develop new synergies which woudl strengthen individual peculiarity:
  • creation of a network of complex technologic infrastructures which host R&D laboratories, providing facilities (competences and equipment) to offer services also for external users;
  • creation of an accelerator of technologic transfer;
  • promote and support innovative forms of financing in the field of technology transfer.

The Foundation is divided into  organizational departments: from business applications to electronics, energy and materials, from advanced manufacturing to grants, planning and control, bioengineering to cybersecurity for space.

A consolidated reality that boasts as founding members the most rooted realities of the sector:

The Italian Space Agency , a national public entity which depends on the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Since its foundation, 30 years ago, the Agency has established itself as well known players worldwide in the field of space science, satellites technologies and space exlploration.

ASI that plays a prominent role not only at European level, where Italy is the third contributor to the European Space Agency programs, but also at global level. The Agency, indeed, has a strong and lasting relationship with NASA and did partecipate to the most interesting scientific planetsry missions of the last decades.

Hypatia, a research Consortium established under articles 2602 and 2612 of the Civil Code, whose main objectives are: promotion, development and exploitation of scientific, technological and human resources providing technological services to the industry. 
This project was born thanks to the collaboration between Universities, Research Institutes and Industries. Its aim is to start and promote research projects focused on environmental sustainability and preservation of quality of life among sectors of innovative materials and technologies for renewable energy. The Consortium network includes owners and producers of know-how and industrial organizations, with a specific attention to the themes of technology transfer between research labs and production sites. The Consortium also offers services to companies, assistance and advice to those who want to fully exploit growth opportunities within the R&D sector, through cofunding at national and regional level.


For more information visit Amaldi Foundation website