Finance for space-tech scale ups

Side Webinar - Organized by SpaceUp
December 12, 2020
11.00 – 12.00 AM

The number of space and space-tech companies has been growing rapidly during the last few years, a positive trend that is due, in part, to the growing number of funding opportunities from private investors and public funds. However, the number of successful scaleups that reach unicorn status is still low.

How can we leverage public and private investment to facilitate the growth of space-tech scaleups? What is the current status of the funding ecosystem and what new tools could be implemented? Do we need new funding instruments to support space-tech scaleups in their journey towards IPOs or more mature stages?

Host: Eleonora Lombardi (TTO, FEA)

Carola Theresia Paschola (Managing Director, Opus1a)
Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos (Founder and Managing Director at Keymon Ventures)
Marta Testi (CEO, Elite)
Gianmarco Carnovale (President at Roma Startup)
Domenico Nesci (Partner LVenture Group.)

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