Workshop: New Space and Health & New Space and Industry (in space and on ground)

Webinar Session
Day 1
December 11, 2020
3.05 – 6.00 PM

Host: Franco Malerba, Fondazione Amaldi

3.05 – 4.05 PM

Panel: Space and Industry

Marco Brancati (Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Telespazio)
Pieter Deleye (Business Development Manager Open Innovation, Verhaert)
Gino Bucciol (Co-Founder, Officina Stellare)
Nicola Sasanelli (CEO, Andy Thomas Space Foundation))
Federica Bondioli (Full Professor, PoliTo)
Roberto Provera (Unit Director, Thales Alenia Space)

4.10 – 4.30 PM


4.30 – 4.40 PM


4.40 – 5.40 PM

Panel: Space and Medicine

Lucie Campagnolo (Downstream Space Application Coordinator, Medes)
Giorgia Zunino (Strategic Project Manager, ASL Roma 1)
Yossi Yamin (CEO, Space Pharma)
Lance Black (Associate Director, Texas Medical Center)
Pietro Faccioli (Associate Professor, UniTrento)

5.40 – 6.00 PM


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