Did you know that Space can help fighting Covid19?

Source: FamVeld

Covid 19 has created enormous challenges to society worldwide affecting all parts of the traditional healthcare systems. In response to the pandemic, all countries have taken extreme measures to limit the propagation of the virus, to treat affected people while maintaining, to the possible extent, the normal operations of their healthcare systems. Also students and in general workers were affected and experienced remote schooling, social distancing and remote working. While all of that was visible to all citizens globally, most of them do not know the role Space technologies can have in response to pandemic, crisis situations and related measures of containment.

During the pandemic we are still living in, the European Space Agency launched a series of calls to support the development of tailored solutions and applications to the deployment and demonstration of pre-operational services, addressing the topics of Healthcare or Education and the Italian Space Agency/MID allocated €10M at zero-equity funding to develop services and products to solve or at least help the global economy.

Tele-homecare and support to patients at home, support to medical operations and resource planning, logistics within the health delivery system, population health and wellbeing, social care, awareness and support to decision making for managing outbreaks, digital learning platforms and e-learning solutions, social “Virtual” Interaction to engage pupils are just some examples of services available by the integration of space technologies to overcome covid19 outbreak.

To know more about the integration of space technologies in response to Covid19 and have the chance to meet experts, entrepreneurs, students and investors working in the sector, join the digital New Space Economy Expoforum on 11-12 December 2020!

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